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Objectives and Activities

From the very outset St. Petersburg has been developed in a strict accordance with master plans and was famous for its impeccable urban planning discipline. In large part because of that city succeeds in keeping its unique charm, inimitable image and veritable Petersburg style.

Within the activity process in different fields of concern the experts of the State Research and Design Center of St. Petersburg Master Plan continue on the course of the great architects and follow the rule "enrich heritage by carrying on traditions". Succession, sense of the city, application of advanced technologies and longstanding experience in working with the architectural frame and fabric of St. Petersburg permit to set following goals:

  • realization of St. Petersburg state urban planning policy guidelines on the base of the Master Plan;
  • participation in the improvement motions and development of legislative, regulatory and methodic framework of the town-planning forecasting, design and regulation;
  • elaboration of urban planning and regulatory documentation, that ensures progressive development of urban planning activity in St. Petersburg.

The Master Plan determines the future development of St. Petersburg. The main objectives of the Master Plan development are: preservation the city's architectural heritage, ensuring the sustainable development of the metropolis with a balanced consideration of environmental , economic and social factors in urban planning, integration the multifunctional city in both the Russian and global economies.

In parallel with elaboration of the Master Plan and its substantiation materials, large amount of work is carried out in the sphere of the Regulations for Land Use and Development in St. Petersburg. Throughout the process of the Rules elaboration the unique computational model of the city was created, among other issues the model permits to assess the impact of the new projects on the territory of the city. Nowadays the experts of the State Research and Design Center of St. Petersburg Master Plan improve and keep current the data of the three-dimensional base model of St. Petersburg.

The Regulations for Land Use and Development is the implementation tool of the Master Plan and declare characteristics of the possible construction in the particular territorial zone.

Also the State Research and Design Center of St. Petersburg Master Plan takes part in elaboration of the Regional Standards for Urban Design.

Named document ensures state guarantees for urban environment quality at base level and include the minimum calculation index of favorable conditions of human life and activities (social facilities and amenities securing, accessibility for different population groups, providing of engineering and transport facilities).

Within the framework of state assignment, site and area demarcation planning is conducted, comprising transportation, communications and utilities lines. The territorial planning and urban development documentation is monitored, the utilization efficiency of St. Petersburg territorial resources is analyzed. 

Land planning documentation is prepared and developed on the basis of the Master plan of St. Petersburg in order to ensure sustainable development, identify elements of the planning structure, and establish boundaries of lands under capital construction projects and those for the development and placement of infrastructure lines.

Together with highly skilled urban planners, architects, and engineers the State Research and Design Center of St. Petersburg Master Plan includes the artistic unit, experts of which involve in spheres of urban environment design, urban land improvements, landscaping and city festive decorating. Within the framework of this direction the architectural and artistic regulations and concepts are elaborated, the requirements for land improvements and amenities, advertising and information structures, venues for public events are set. Work is in progress in the project findings of façade passports, additional elements arrangement and façade coloristics.





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