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About Us

"The most wonderful city is the one where a person is happy"

Erich Maria Remarque

Is there a formula for happiness? The concept of happiness is individual for each person. But if the matter is considered from the standpoint of a citizen, the essential component of this formula is comfort. In its work the State Research and Design Center of St. Petersburg Master Plan is striving to ensure convenience for city people by handling urban-planning tools.

St. Petersburg is the federal city of the Russian Federation, important economic, industrial, scientific and cultural center of the country, a major transport hub. St. Petersburg is the third largest European city (after Moscow and London) with a total area of 145 000 hectares.

The creation of a high quality spatial environment for 5 million citizens is a major challenge, and the implementation of city-planning policy meets this challenge. The issues of the territory functional profile are worked out by the means of the spatial planning, namely by the formulation of Master Plan. Particularly, when it comes to St. Petersburg, the status and the architectural heritage play a very important role in city-planning documentation development.

About 10 % of all Russian monuments protected by the state are situated in St. Petersburg. The historic Center of St. Petersburg was inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

The State Research and Design Center of St. Petersburg Master Plan is a part of the Committee for City-Planning and Architecture, executive body of the St. Petersburg Administration, which is responsible for urban transformations.

The city territory is invaluable, limited and non-renewable resource, in the current context urban planning serve as genius loci of St. Petersburg. Our experts address the issues of sustainable progress of the city, increasing of urban environment quality, safeguarding of historical and cultural heritage, development of engineering, transport and social infrastructures. 

The Master Plan includes development documentation of residential, business, industrial and recreational facilities, long-distance transport facilities, road network, urban public transport lines, water, heat, gas, power supply facilities.

Master Plan is a document of social harmony, it respects the interests of all urban life participants.

The new Master Plan of St. Petersburg is intended to run from 2019 until 2043. The document will be valid for 24 years, as opposed to present Master Plan, that was adopted in 2005 for 10 years.

Under the conditions of excessive social responsibility, it is vital to have the sufficient field experience in addition to high level of competence and strong information asset. In its current form the State Research and Design Center of St. Petersburg Master Plan has been operating for 10 years, however the history of the organization started in 1988, when with the aim to coordinate all urban planning activities the Research and Design Institute of Leningrad and Leningrad oblast was founded. In mid-1990s the institute was reorganized in the Bureau of Master Plan as a part of the Committee for City-Planning and Architecture.

All these years on a constant basis the monitoring of the documentation on spatial planning and territorial zoning has been conducted, development plans have been elaborated, fundamental and applied scientific studies have been carried out in the spheres of urban planning, architecture and design. The pulse of the city can be felt in the State Research and Design Center of St. Petersburg Master Plan, here starts the creation of all reasons for any city-planning decisions.




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